AGM 2014

The Manchester Cicada Club Annual Forum and AGM was held on Saturday, March 29th 2014 at Stockport College.

Professor Ramsden with Hedy Williams

The event started with a welcoming tea/coffee following which we had the first presentation by our guest speaker, Professor Richard Ramsden.

Professor Ramsden, one of the founders of the club and also our President talked about his long and distinguished career as an Otolaryngologist bringing back memories of all the pioneers of cochlear implants that he had worked with in the past and brought us right up to date with the latest developments in the field of implant technology.

Following his talk members were brought up to date with a major change in the club itself which has now successfully become a registered charity.
This mammoth task was completed with the aid and assistance of the HEAR charity and in particular Mr Lawrie Cleary who together with Professor Ramsden set up both the HEAR charity and the CICADA Club 25 years ago. The development means that we have a more secure future and can look forward with confidence to the next 25 years of helping Implant patients in their rehabilitation.

Discussing the changes
Food for thought


Following a buffet lunch the Annual General Meeting will took place at which the constitutional details of the club and charity were agreed.