AGM 2015


The Manchester Cicada charity Annual Forum and AGM was held on Saturday March 28th at Stockport College and was the first AGM we have held since becoming a registered charity last year. The event started with a welcoming drink and was followed by the first of two guest speakers, Paul Hanmer from NADP, who gave us a presentation about the development of communications services for deaf and hard of hearing people over the years. He then gave us a demonstration of the new Next Generation Text Services which is being rolled out across the country. He did this using the service to make a call to Portugal using a smartphone to demonstrate how a text user could talk to a hearing user. The second speaker was Deepa Shastri who is a Tours Talks Program Manager working for StageText. She updated us on the range of different services that StageText either already provide, or are in the process of developing to help deaf and hard of hearing people get access to a wide range of public institutions. These include Theatre performances, walking tours of public galleries and public meetings where different presentation facilities need to be adapted to make them more accessible. After a sumptuous buffet lunch the Annual General Meeting took place reporting back on the progress of the charity over the last year and the election of the new EC.