AGM 2017

This years conference and AGM was held at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool where we had held our Xmas meal.

The theme of the conference was ‘Assistive devices, hearing better with your CI’ and the main speaker, John Trett, was from Hearing Link.

We were shown a wide range of assistive equipment designed to help deaf people in all sorts of situations and we were able to try out some of these after the presentation.

John was kept busy with individual queries for quite a while!

Some of the devices were known to a few of us but there were members who went away with the knowledge of how to improve even simple things like practical alarm clocks for deaf people and different ways of being able to access phone services.

The Manchester Royal Infirmary, who we work closely with, has an Assistive Devices room which holds a drop-in session every Monday from 2-4 where patients can try a range of devices to see what would help them.
Our Chairman, John Newton is involved there helping to advise patients.
After an interesting and empowering session we had a delicious buffet lunch, following that we held our AGM where we looked at how we have been doing as a charity at the end of which the EC elections were held.