Assistive Listening Devices drop-in service

Assistive listening devices are extra pieces of equipment to use alongside your hearing aids or cochlear implant to help you hear better in certain situations.

For example they can help you to:

  • Hear better on your mobile phone
  • Listen to your music directly through your hearing device
  • Connect to Bluetooth devices directly through your hearing device
  • Hear a speaker at a distance, for example at a meeting or lecture
  • Hear a speaker in a noisy situation like a restaurant more easily

Drop-in sessions are run in the audiology department at the MRI hospital where you can try some of this equipment- please see the link for further details.

For more details go to this link.

CHOICE- remote care service for CI Users

CHOICE launches service detail Video 11 February 2020

CHOICE, the remote care service for CI users, launches a video explaining how the remote care service operates and the benefits for CI users to remotely , by internet access,

explore the multiple services that can be accessed this way. The video can be seen at :

The system supports devices of all the manufacturers and users can still come to their CI centre when they need help with something.

This service is currently only available to CI users under the care of the following CI Centres though it is hoped to extend this service to other Centres.

Cambridge, North East, Manchester, Nottingham, RNTNE, Southampton and St Thomas

New Apps Available

Two new Apps are now available from the CICADA team, the first is the Rehabilitation App, intended to help new CI users practice listening to sounds at a time and place convenient to them and the second is a Finger Spelling App for general use to pick up some of the basics of Finger Spelling.

Both apps are available in the Google PlayStore for those running devices with Android O/S and the one in the AppStore for Apple phone users.

Search either store using ‘CI Rehablitation App’ or ‘CICADAFspell’ as keywords.
Links available here

Gallery Oldham guided talk

We have been invited to this event on November 15th which starts at 2pm, details are on the poster from the Gallery in the events 2018 page
We have been to talks at the gallery before and helped them to get the right equipment to support our communication needs and the staff there do a lot to help the deaf community.
The last time we visited the Gallery our group met beforehand to go for lunch at Wetherspoons which is a five minute walk away from the Gallery and we are planning to do this again.
If you would like to come along please let me know (just for organisational purposes), we usually meet outside the Sainsburys supermarket in Oldham at 12 so we’ve plenty of time for lunch.
If anyone has any questions please get in touch.