Preston meet up

We will be meeting for lunch at the Italian Orchard Restaurant in Preston on Saturday 25th February 12:00 for 12:30. The address is :-

96 Whittingham Lane
Preston, PR3 5DB

and the full details of the Italian Orchard  are here.

If you would like to come along please let the Secretary know, also if you need help with transport let us know.

XMAS Meal 2016

We will be holding our annual Christmas meal at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool on November 26th, where we will meet in the Pacific Lounge and the meal will be in the Empress Suite.

Full details are here, if you would like to come and bring a guest please fill in the details on the forms.

Hedy Williams

Hedy Williams 1951-2016

We are sorry to have to report that Hedy Williams, the Secretary for CICADA, and the editor of our Resound magazine, died on March 10th  2016 after a short illness at the age of 64.

Hedy was born with a hearing loss and lived all her life in the Manchester area.
She was born in Audenshaw and her hearing problems caused her difficulty at school as she was unable to follow lessons, her behaviour was misunderstood but she always excelled at art which led to her first job in a drawing office, where she first met Kevin, who was an apprentice there. Kevin and Hedy married in 1974 and set up home in Bredbury. Kevin and Hedy had one daughter, Paula.

For many years Hedy was self-employed and ran her own desk top publishing business, and later Hedy and Kevin set up their own contracting and publishing company which they ran until their retirement. This stood Hedy in good stead when she became Editor of Resound.

Hedy with Professor Ramsden

Hedy’s hearing deteriorated and she became profoundly deaf. This led to her having a cochlear implant about fourteen years ago. When Cochlear Implants were beginning to be performed at Manchester, one of the pioneers of the operation, Professor Ramsden and a patient of his, Laurie Cleary set up our Manchester Cicada club and Hedy was actively involved in both the process of getting charitable status and also helping to run the new charity both as an EC member and later Secretary, she also acted as the Editor of NADP’s journal, Network.

Hedy trained at university as a lip-reading teacher and gained her certificate in 2009, after which she taught classes in Stockport for a couple of years. She was also Trustees of NADP from 2011 until 2014.

Hedy was always a caring and loving person. She had a good sense of humour and a droll wit. She was very independent over the years despite her hearing loss.
She was also a good cook and loved experimenting. She will be greatly missed by all of us who had the honour of knowing her and working with her.

MCR Airport Travel help

We have been communicating with an organisation based at Manchester Airport who are part of an independent network of airport guides providing current and relevant UK travel information. Part of the documentation covers how people with a range of disabilities can get help where necessary when travelling and they approached us for our views.

We want to make sure that people with a hearing loss know how to get appropriate help if they encounter a problem at the airport and also that the airport staff are aware of some of the issues surrounding CI users so we will be providing input for the guide.

As part of that process we would welcome any feedback from people with a Cochlear Implant on their experiences while travelling from (in particular, but not limited to, Manchester Airport) and any suggestions that they may have on improving assistance. If you would like to fill in the form below we will collate the information and feed back to you on progress.

No personal information is required or will be disclosed.