Jonathan Salas

It is with deep sadness that we have to report that after a long fight against Motor Neurone Disease, Jonathan sadly passed away on Friday 10th July in hospital with Lynda, his wife, by his side.

Jonathan was our Hon. Secretary for 12 years taking over in 2002.

Being familiar with computers and email he was able to organise club papers and affairs efficiently, working with the Chairman Gordon Ledward.

He continued to work with later changes of Chairman and Hon. Treasurer, always supporting and encouraging the committee and all club members, very often giving up his holiday allowance to come to events and working tirelessly in the background to ensure that the club ran smoothly.

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As the Secretary of the club he was heavily involved in the process of us becoming a charity and even when in the middle of his illness was still involved in its day-to-day activities.

A larger than life character who combined a Scottish approach to financial matters with a generosity of spirit he was always a steadying influence when dealing with contentious issues and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

Jonathan moved from his school in Scotland to live in Chile with his Mother and Stepfather, and from there went to the University of Texas to study Political Science.

After University he decided to train as a chef and when his family moved back to England he worked as a chef in Warrington. After meeting Lynda, who was to become his wife he moved to live in Wales where he passed away in Bangor.

This quote from Jonathan’s Facebook profile sums him up.

‘ The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor, is king o’men for a’ that ‘


6 thoughts on “Jonathan Salas

  1. I feel I have lost a great friend who helped me out with my computer problems & I enjoyed the repartee we had on Facebook on a daily basis.
    He was the one who made me the most welcome on my first meeting in Southport.
    I will miss his humour & great contribution he made to the charity as secretary.
    I admired the courage he shown coping with a very debilitating & restricting illness.
    My thoughts now are with Lynda,& I just hope she finds the strength to cope with her sad loss

  2. Jonathan was a tireless secretary of the Cicada club, working and inputting ideas until the very last days of his life.
    The Cicada club, and its members will miss him a great deal and owe him a debt of thanks. I feel sure that had Jonathan not taken over as secretary when he did, the club would have folded years ago.
    I am sure that Jonathan would approve if I, and we all, “raise a glass to him”.
    “To Jonathan, a very dear friend”

  3. We are so sorry to hear that Jonathan has passed away. We have only met him once at a Cicada meal in Southport when he made us very welcome and comfortable but feel as though we know him personally from reading his blogs on Facebook. What a brave and inspirational man who will be sorely missed by Lynda and his many friends and colleagues.

  4. Jonathan Salas – an Appreciation by Jim Rylance

    I met Jonathan Salas through the Manchester Cicada Club; I am a little unsure of the exact year (it may have been 2009), but I remember the surrounding events. Gordon Leeward, who was the Chairman, had called an Extraordinary Meeting to propose that the Manchester Cicada Club should be closed down as all of the work of running it was falling on his shoulders alone. I was there as a Member and I forcibly argued against the Proposal; the upshot was a few people, including myself, put themselves forward to form a Committee and help Gordon. Soon after this, Jonathan Salas appeared and offered to be the Hon Secretary; he came full of enthusiasm and very soon made the job his own.
    So, he and I met regularly at Committee Meetings and Events and we soon became firm buddies. Our common interest was Rugby Union; he was a Scot so he supported Scotland and I am an Englishman who supports England and our competition was fierce at times. We fell into a pattern of going to a pub after a Committee meeting, sometimes to watch a Rugby game on TV, but certainly for a drink; as Jonathan was a great connoisseur of beer.
    Jonathan soon showed a tremendous empathy for Members needs and put a lot of effort into trying to ensure that Members could get to Events. He was a first-class Hon Secretary and the Club will sorely miss his presence in that role.
    Jonathan of course was a great cook as he had been trained as a chef and I enjoyed many a good meal he had cooked. I still have a packet of French “Herbes de Provence” in my cupboard that he gave me, which adds enormously to the taste of the stews that I make and is a constant reminder of a guy who I became very fond of.
    For a long time Jonathan was searching for something that was missing in his life – a woman to share it with, and the very best thing that came out of the blue was when he met Lynda. They made a great couple and mine, and a lot of other people’s thoughts go out to her at this time of her loss.
    Jonathan touched the lives of all in Cicada (and many outside) and I, and many others, will miss the loss of this guy who has left us, at a very early age, to fend for ourselves. He was an inspiration.

  5. Very sad to hear of Jonathan’s passing. He was probably the most youthful member of the club and always ready to crack a joke to lighten the mood! He was also a key factor in my joining the club! He will certainly be remembered.

  6. A tribute to Jonathan Salas.  

    Jonathan was always a great guy with a fun sense of humour.  I’m sure we will all miss him but hopefully remember him for, not only his role as Secretary for many years, but as a knowledgeable, interesting human being who had a varied life-experience .  Suzanne followed his posts regularly on face book and found them both interesting and at times profound.  Our thoughts are with Lynda who will feel his loss the greatest!!

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