MCR Airport Travel help

We have been communicating with an organisation based at Manchester Airport who are part of an independent network of airport guides providing current and relevant UK travel information. Part of the documentation covers how people with a range of disabilities can get help where necessary when travelling and they approached us for our views.

We want to make sure that people with a hearing loss know how to get appropriate help if they encounter a problem at the airport and also that the airport staff are aware of some of the issues surrounding CI users so we will be providing input for the guide.

As part of that process we would welcome any feedback from people with a Cochlear Implant on their experiences while travelling from (in particular, but not limited to, Manchester Airport) and any suggestions that they may have on improving assistance. If you would like to fill in the form below we will collate the information and feed back to you on progress.

No personal information is required or will be disclosed.