New Cochlear Implant?

If you’ve had a Cochlear Implant fitted then you may quickly realise that there is as much work to do after the operation as before in order to get the best out of the new device. There is a wide variation in the amount of benefit gained and time it takes to adjust to the new implant, because no two people are alike.

Not confident ?

After years of hearing loss or worse still a sudden traumatic loss, people become isolated and lack confidence especially in social or everyday situations. This is understandable but the learning process with a new Cochlear Implant needs the patient to be exposed to such situations in order to adjust.
Professor Ramsden who pioneered the CI operations in Manchester recognised this and together with Lawrie Cleary they set up our charity to help in this vital stage.

Join us

Bowling outing in Chester

We are all implant users from a variety of backgrounds and we meet regularly for social events such as meals, tours and information sessions. These activities are designed to help you get confidence in using the new implant. You will be amongst people who all have had the same problem, understand the difficulties of adjusting, allowing you to socialise in a stress free environment taking your own time to improve your listening skills. We also provide help to the Implant team meeting pre and post op patients to help with questions.

If you would like more information about what we do email:
secretary@manchestercicada.org.uk, or to join us click on this link