About us

Manchester Cicada Charity (originally the Manchester Cicada club) was created for those people who had received their implant at the Manchester Centre and their families; membership has since been extended to anyone who has a cochlear implant.

It was the brainchild of Professor Richard Ramsden and Lawrie Cleary, seen here at the official opening of the new H&NC clinic at the Manchester Royal Infirmary in 2015.
This objective was in the original constitution and remains a central theme of our charity.
An association of people who have had implant operations, its purpose is to establish a bond and fellowship between these people through social events and related activities and by sharing experiences to help post operative implantees gain the maximum benefit from the operation‘.
We have members all over the North West from Cumbria, to North Wales, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland and to help include people as geographically dispersed as that, we run events all around the region giving people an opportunity to meet.

Because of our origins, we work closely with the Manchester Implant team and have provided volunteers for research projects over the years and also collaborate with other organisations such as Hearing Link and NADP .

If you would like to join us please fill in the application form here alternatively you can contact the secretary on the email address below for a hard copy application form or more information.